Robotic noblewoman walks like a lady, retells world's oldest novel
Japanese people are proud of the fact that many scientists credit “The Tale of Genji” as the first novel ever written. Now famous Kyoto University spinoff Robo-Garage has revived Murasaki Shikibu, the tale’s author and a noblewoman, in robotic form.

MURASAKI stands 31cm and weighs 1.5kg. The robot wears a kimono in the style of the early eleventh century (the time the novel was written) and can also use a folding fan, just like a real Japanese noblewoman. A built-in MP3-player makes sure she is able to retell her tale.

MURASAKI is powered by NiMH batteries, “walks” on two wheels and moves elegantly via an 8-axis system (2 in the neck and 3 each in her arms). Robo-Garage used the same “robot processor” (VS-RC003HV) they build into their BLACK OX model. The frame is mainly made of plastic and aluminum.

Robo-Garage is officially selling a handful of their robots in an affiliated (Texas-based) online shop but as of now, MURASAKI is only a prototype.

Sega’s fembot E.M.A. should be easier to get.

Via Robot Watch [JP]