Kred Owner (And Twitter Firehose Contester) PeopleBrowsr Buys Swaylo, The Loose Thread Of Facebook’s Threadsy Buy

Some consolidation in the area of social influencer sites. PeopleBrowsr, owners of the social influencer analytics site <a target="_blank" href="">Kred</a>, is <a target="_blank" hr

When Marketing, PR And Technology Collide: Why Is PeopleBrowsr Going After Twitter, Exactly?

So, <a href="">this was bound to happen</a>. A company that built itself on top of someone else's data lost access to it. And sued. <a

Kred Starts Offering Rewards So Maybe You’ll Finally Give A Damn About Your Influence Score

<a target="_blank" href="">Kred</a> today launches <a target="_blank" href="">"Rewards"</a> so you can win discounts and product samples if you get retweeted an