Looks Like Even Google Forgot Knol Existed

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Poor Google Knol Has Gone From A Wikipedia Killer To A Craigslist Wannabe

<img src="" width="176" height="200" /> We've known for a while that Google's <a href="">Knol</a> i

Why Google Knol Is No Wikipedia

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Google Reminds You That Knol Exists With New Policy Debates

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Google launched <a href="">Knol</a>, a <a href="

Google Launches Knol, The Monetizable Wikipedia

Today Google has launched Knol, its Wikipedia alternative that holds authors accountable for the articles they write. Each article is created by a team of authors who receive attribution, and are allo

Content Marketplace Helium Officially Launches

Citizen journalism site Helium has today officially launched its content marketplace after 7 months in beta testing. We’ve covered the service twice before, once in 2006, then last year when Hel