• Kingston's SSDNow V+100 Drive Is One More Reason I'm Not Investing In SSD Yet

    Here’s a little tidbit of news; nothing ground-breaking, but right in line with a trend I’ve been watching for a year or two now. Kingston has released an improved version of their enterprise SSD line with a version that internalizes TRIM support, making OS support for the SSD management utility irrelevant. At the rate Kingston and everyone else are improving base SSD technology… Read More

  • Kingston introduces first second first 256GB thumbdrive to U.S.

    Okay, what’s going on here? This is the headline of Kingston’s latest press release: Kingston Digital Ships First 256GB USB Flash Drive in the U.S. Right. What’s this, then? Commenters were reporting buying that thing, here in the U.S., months ago. But I guess it wasn’t actually released here, maybe only imported? Is this like how companies won’t let me review… Read More

  • Chumby investigates Kingston microSD irregularities: Are counterfeit chips making their way into the supply chain?

    Does the name Bunnie Huang ring a bell? It might if you were around the Xbox “scene” in 2002, when people from all over the world were on Xbox hacking forums trying to figure out what made Microsoft’s first console tick, so to speak. It was truly exciting—we’re talking Paris in the 50s exciting. Mr. Huang has since gotten a job at Chumby, putting his technical… Read More

  • This new Kingston 16GB microSDHC card is fast, really fast

    MicroSDHC might soon be able to play with the big boys. This Kingston model is the first Class 10 microSDHC memory card and has a minimum data transfer rate of 10MB/sec. That’s over twice as fast as the current Class 4 standard with its 4MB/sec speed. Too bad these cards are more than three times the cost of Class 4 16GB cards right now. Read More

  • Kingston's new DataTraveler DTLocker+ is secure, they say

    There’s no shortage of secure devices out there, but if you happen to be a Kingston-only type of guy, you’re in luck. They’ve just put out a new USB stick that, like other secure drives, requires a password before you can access the data. It’s encrypted with a 256-bit key so I don’t think anybody will be brute-forcing that information any time soon. And if they… Read More

  • Kingston starts shipping SSDNow V+

    Boasting blistering read and write IOPS speeds, Kingston has just announced that the latest SSDNow drives, V+, are now shipping. Ranging from 64GB up to 256GB, the V+ drives have claimed read and writes speeds of 220MB/s and 180MB/s, respectively. The 2.5-inch drives are priced as follows for the 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models: $254, $500 and $992. Yikes. Read More

  • Kingston outs the first 256GB flash drive

    First off, you can’t afford this flash drive. But even if you can, you shouldn’t buy it. I mean, today, it will cost you $900, but we all know next year it will be $90, if not less. So take a good look at the Kingston DataTraveler 300 and drift off into a dream of what the future holds for SSDs and flash drives. Read More

  • Kingston ships first 128GB USB flash drive

    Kudos to you, Kingston. The DataTraveler 200 is the world’s first 128GB USB thumb drive. It’s also available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, which are readily available. The 128GB DT200 is build-to-order only and retails for $546. Besides the memory capacity, the DT200 line comes with a five-year warranty and includes Password Traveler security software for Windows. The 32GB can be… Read More

  • New SSDs by Intel from Kingston

    So they’re not really new. Just Intel SSDs with a Kingston SSDNow on them. Kingston hopes that speed and reliability from Intel products coupled with Kingston distribution and a 3 year warranty with 24/7 support will be a good combination. Read More

  • Kingston bumps thumbdrive capacities to 64GB

    Damn, these things are getting out of control! There’s not much to say on this front other than this little drive holds sixteen times the data my little HyperX DataTraveler does. At this point one has to ask, who needs a 64GB thumbdrive?! Actually, having spacious, pocketable drives around is very handy: I back up a lot of video footage and just to be redundant I put a copy on any… Read More

  • Kingston joins the 32GB USB flash drive club

    Kingston’s latest USB flash drive bumps the tech company over the next flash memory speed bump. The $139 DT150 DataTraveler is just like every other flash drive out there except a massive 32GB capacity. What else is there to say? It’s a flash drive and can hold a boatload of your crap. Read More

  • Kingston launching new DDR3 memory for the gaming crowd

    Gaming nerds that demand the latest and greatest might want to take a closer look at Kinston’s latest memory. Dubbed HyperX, the memory company claims that these are the fastest DDR3 memory units made to date with a 2GHz speed and feature CL9-9-9-27 @ 1.9 volts over the 2GB pair. These memory modules have launched in the States with a $227 MSRP and are shipping right now. Go my… Read More

  • MobileCrunch Giveaway: Kingston 8GB microSDHC Mobility kits

    Being the nice chaps they are, Kingston has dropped off a box of 8GB microSDHC kits for our lovely readers. Each kit contains an 8GB Kingston microSDHC card and adapters for SD, miniSD, and USB. We’ve got 5 to give away, and will be giving one away every 3 days until we run dry. So how do you win? Comment. For every story you comment on during each window of 3 days, you’re entered… Read More

  • Kingston's cute little SD pack is very practical

    I like devices that use SD. Not only is it cheap and easy to find, but it’s easy to adapt. SD, MiniSD, and MicroSD by all rights should be a nightmare to deal with, but with a couple cheap pieces of plastic (much like the cards themselves) makes things as easy as cake. You’ve got your microSD for your phone, a miniSD adapter for what have you, and an SD adapter for cameras… Read More

  • New Kingston laptop RAM takes it to 800MHz

    Looks like Kingston is working to eliminate the memory bandwidth bottleneck in laptops. These new HyperX PC2-6400 CL4 SO-DIMMS jump up from 667MHz to 800MHz and work at extra low latency, bringing them up to speed with the newest P45/Centrino 2 combo setups. If you want to replace your stock RAM it’ll be expensive, though: $257 for 4GB. If my laptop were my only computer, I might… Read More

  • Kingston adds 32GB SDHC to Elite Pro line

    There’s really no need to get whimsical with this post. Kingston has announced a 32GB SDHC for you HD recording folk or anyone that really needs 32 gigs worth of room on an SD card. You’ll have to shell out about $308 for it, though. * Compliant: with the SD Card Association specification version 2.00
    * Secure: built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
    Read More

  • Wafer thin USB drive unveiled today from Kingston

    Announced today in Fountain Valley, California, Kingston presented its DataTraveler Mini Slim USB flash drives. The super thin drives measure in at 1.529- x 0.645- x 0.253-inches. They come in 2 and 4GB capacities for $11 and $19, respectively. Read More

  • Hands-on: Kingston microSDHC 8GB

    Not the most exciting news or hands-on we’ve had at the CrunchGear office, but I’ll be sure to add Kingston’s newly added 8GB microSDHC card to my arsenal. The Class 4 comes with a microSD adapter and retails for $58, which is $13 cheaper than Sandisk‘s same offering. Read More

  • Review: High Speed USB thumbdrive cage match

    You may have seen our review of the Kingston DataTraveler HyperX high-speed thumbdrive. If so, you’ll remember how it proved itself far superior to the peasant drives I put it up against. Well, it’s far from the only high-speed USB key on the market, so we got our hands on a couple other leading offerings from Corsair (the Voyager GT) and SanDisk (the Cruzer Contour) and… Read More

  • The X Factor, now in USB flash drive form

    England gave the world two very important things: the English language and the hit television show The X Factor. Knowing this, peripheral maker Kingston has developed a 2GB USB flash drive that includes clips of show, a screensaver and an MP3 of the show’s theme song right onboard. For those of you who don’t follow British pop culture, The X Factor is the UK version of American Idol. Read More