• Media Keg: Kenwood Japan Announces New Music Player

    Kenwood is making portable music players, too. The company announced [JP] the so-called Media Keg MG-G608 for the Japanese market today, the newest addition to their Media Keg series of DAPs. Read More

  • U-K525LT: Kenwood's "Wooden" iPod Dock/CD Player/FM Radio

    They aren’t producing that many CD players these days, but that’s not the only reason the U-K525LT, announced [JP] by Kenwood for the Japanese market today, stands out. The other is that it has a nice wooden casing, made of African Mutenye teak. Read More

  • Kenwood Ships New In-Dash Nav System With Pandora Link

    Kenwood started shipping their new DNX9980HD in-dash navigation receiver this week. This is the company’s first model to offer both HD Radio and Pandora Internet Radio link. For the Pandora Link to work, users will need an iPhone with the Pandora app on it; all the same controls from the app interface will be mimicked onscreen. Album artwork and various visuals get displayed on the… Read More

  • Media Keg: Kenwood Updates Its Portable Music Player

    Kenwood has been selling portable music players in Japan since 2006. Marketed as “Media Keg”, we last covered the devices back in September 2008, and today Kenwood announced [JP] it has refreshed the line-up after a long time. Read More

  • Kenwood introduces a pair of very cool glass speakers

    Kenwood Japan today announced the SP0001 [JP], a pair of awesome-looking glass speakers that can be pimped with with either a blue LED stand (SP0011) or a white LED stand (SP0012). The speakers feature 8Ω output at 10W each (80Hz-25kHz). Read More

  • Kenwood presents world's first CD player with DTS Surround Sensation

    The first prototypes were showcased during CES 2008, but now Kenwood has presented an advanced piece of hardware that incorporates DTS Surround Sensation, meaning you will get surround sound over two-channel audio systems (headphones or stereo speakers). Read More

  • Kenwood Prodino: a micro audio system for trust fund babies

    The new Prodino micro audio system from Kenwood might not look like much – might not sound like much either – but it supports up to 32GB from SD or microSD cards. Output is limited at 10Wx2 and costs an absurdly 360€ ($465 USD) price. For that price, the sound aught to be almost as good as the B&W Zeppelin and something tells me it isn’t. Read More

  • Kenwood Japan updates its "Media Keg" series of portable media players

    Kenwood recently announced it will expand [JP] its “Media Keg”/ MG-E series of portable media players with a new model, the MG-E504. The company didn’t talk about plans for outside Japan, but at least it translated the menu into English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian. An international version doesn’t seem to be impossible. The device is nothing really… Read More

  • JVC and Kenwood to wed

    Big news out of Japan: JVC and Kenwood are merging their businesses. JVC makes many decent video products, among other things, and Kenwood is noted for its popular car audio lines. The new entity would be a holding company, perhaps called JVC Kenwood. The shares of each company will become shares of the new company. This is good for both companies as it gives them better leverage to take on… Read More

  • Kenwood intros pair of new triangularific speaker docks

    [photopress:as_ip300_w.jpg,full,center] Is it just me, or do these new awesome looking Kenwood iPod docks look like the alien spacecraft that are currently in orbit ready to wipe us from the universe? These virtual 3D surround speakers connect to your iPod and then continue acting just like every other iPod dock out there. New crazy iPod docks [Press Release] Read More

  • Kenwood Introduces Two Standalone SACD Players

    Though SACD isn’t the most popular format, it certainly has its fans. And that’s pretty much all you need to sell a product. The product and people who want to buy your product – it’s all quite simple. Kenwood’s X-Z7 and X-Z9 SACD players pack updated features and a lot of power. Both players feature WMA and MP3 compatibility, meaning you can just burn a CD full… Read More

  • Kenwood's Idea of Seamless Entertainment

    A typical press conference at CES. Kenwood demonstrates “seamless entertainment.” This Power Point slide has us convinced! Read More

  • Kenwood Announces System Expansion Solutions

    Pimping your ride has always meant upgrading the stereo system, but now Kenwood will make it easier to add components to suit your needs. The company will be expanding their CarPortal product line for 2007, making it practical to upgrade and even add components to a car’s entertainment system. This is part of the Kenwood strategy “To live connected and drive connected.”
    Read More