U-K525LT: Kenwood's "Wooden" iPod Dock/CD Player/FM Radio

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They aren’t producing that many CD players these days, but that’s not the only reason the U-K525LT, announced [JP] by Kenwood for the Japanese market today, stands out. The other is that it has a nice wooden casing, made of African Mutenye teak.

The device houses an iPod/iPhone dock, an FM radio, 20W×2ch speakers, and a USB port, which lets you play music in the MP3 (32~320kbps), WMA (48~192kbps) and AAC (32~320kbps) formats directly from USB sticks.

Kenwood plans to start selling the Japan-only U-K525LT on its website [JP] for $540 (including a remote control).