• XSketch: Play Pictionary Online With Random People

    XSketch is a new Ajax/javascript game that lets up to seven users play pictionary with each other. One person gets a word and starts drawing, the other users guess. If someone gets it right, both the drawer and the guesser get points. This is the third game created by Ryan Dewsbury on the Google Web Toolkit (he also wrote a book on the subject). His first effort was a Texas Holdem poker… Read More

  • Startups Battle Over Who Invented Risk-Like War Game First

    Many college students (but few others) will recognize the Risk-like game known as Turf that pits thousands of students against each other in a weeks-long online wargame that is similar to the board game Risk, but uses the college campus as the map. What started off as a for-fun experiment by Yale student Gabe Smedresman in January 2007 resulted in a game that went on for over a month and… Read More

  • I Spent Sunday Evening Playing kdice

    kdice is a free multiplayer online game that is similar to Risk, and I’ve just wasted an entire evening playing it (and mostly losing). It was created by Ryan Dewsbury using the Google Web Toolkit and has a Flash interface. Ryan also created gpoker, an Ajax Texas holdem poker game and one of the first applications built with the Web Toolkit. We covered gpoker here back in July. kdice is… Read More