XSketch: Play Pictionary Online With Random People

XSketch is a new Ajax/javascript game that lets up to seven users play pictionary with each other. One person gets a word and starts drawing, the other users guess. If someone gets it right, both the drawer and the guesser get points.

This is the third game created by Ryan Dewsbury on the Google Web Toolkit (he also wrote a book on the subject). His first effort was a Texas Holdem poker game called gpokr. He then created kdice, a Risk-like online game which was nominated for a Crunchies award last January.

XSketch is addictive and fun – I spent a lot more time testing it this morning than I really needed to for this post. Users can chat with each other during the game, give hints, etc. The tool to draw pictures is hard to use with a mouse or trackpad, leading to some very funny drawings.

You can also add XSketch to Facebook.