• A few iPhone patents for you: Karaoke, fancy haptic feedback

    Oh, patents. Companies file you all the time, often coming to nothing, yet you still mystify us for some reason. A few iPhone-related patents have been floating around the Internet this morning; they’re sure to interest you for dozens of seconds. Take this one, which describes a karaoke application. Read More

  • Would you please STFU: Mute Karaoke mic for Nintendo Wii

    You own a Wii? You like Karaoke? But you suck at singing or you are so loud that you annoy everyone in your vicinity? No problem anymore, since Tokyo-based Japan Trust Technology (JTT) comes to the rescue with the so-called Mute Mic for the Nintendo Wii [JP]. Read More

  • Shut up and sing with this weird-ass Japanese karaoke mic for the Wii

    We’ve all been there before: you sing like a nightingale – a damn nightingale – but your neighbors don’t appreciate it one bit. So you either give up on your dream of singing in the privacy of your own home or face the wrath of the cops and/or your landlord. If only there were a big, weird karaoke microphone with a rubber cup around the mouthpiece that muffled your… Read More

  • New technology lets visually impaired people sing karaoke, too

    Two companies from the motherland of Karaoke, Japan, partnered up to develop a new Karaoke system that is tailor-made to meet the demands of the blind and visually impaired. Tokyo-based Nippon Telesoft and Xing from Nagoya will release the machine this fall. It’s Japan-only at this point but Nippon Telesoft has set up a dedicated English homepage for the product (which means a lot here… Read More

  • Try these Karaoke pills in case you suck at singing

    I swear the timing of this posting has nothing to do with this one. It just so happened I came across these Karaoke pills today at Rakuten [JP], Japan’s biggest online shopping mall. The Fushigi na Karaoke Taburetto (Mysterious Karaoke Pills) seem to have magical powers indeed. According to the manufacturer, they treat bad breath, expand your singing range by softening the vocal cords… Read More

  • Goodmans XB5CDG karaoke machine has a camera so you can watch yourself act a fool

    Like karaoke? No? That’s OK, it’s strictly an activity for old people. But at least this Goodmans XB5CDG gives the hobby a techy twist. You connect the R2-D2-looking thing to your TV where it displays lyrics and yourself. Huh? There’s a built-in camera that records your every bone headed movement. So next time you belt out your Boston covers you’ll be able to watch… Read More

  • Next iPod or iPhone May Have Dynamic Lyrics Display

    A recently published patent filed by Apple shows that the next iPod or iPhone may have a new way of displaying song lyrics. The patents shows that text displayed would be highlighted in some way, whether it be color, an underline, or box around the text. This could be used for karaoke or following along with an audiobook. So far it sounds like a smart idea for the Cupertino-based… Read More

  • Emerson, IXT Launch Affordable Karaoke Add-Ons

    Looking to do a little extra entertaining for the holidays? Like karaoke? Then you’ll be ecstatic to find out that Emerson and IXT systems are bringing the public a whole host of karaoke add-on products to use with your iPod, DVD player or computer. For example, the $29.95 Handheld Microphone DVD Karaoke Converter with Holiday Party 60-song Twin Pack DVDs (pictured) connects to any… Read More

  • MusicJam Adds Recording to Karaoke Offering, Sales of Earplugs Set to Soar

    CrunchGear likes karaoke. For reals. Nothing gets our teamworkometer cranked up like seeing Raj on stage belting out Journey, except Brad Pitt’s abs in “Fight Club,” but that’s just Vince. But we must take issue with the MusicJam iPod karaoke machine. We’ve seen iPod karaoke before, but this desk-top unit also acts as a recorder, so that after you’re… Read More

  • High Tech Karaoke

    IBM and Xing announced today that they have come together to release a new high tech karaoke controller that will allow users to take karaoke with them throughout Japanese restaurants and karaoke bars. The Kyoku NAVIs features a touch screen interface, allows users to search for songs in a simplified fashion and has wireless LAN for updates and streaming videos. The controller is also… Read More

  • New Griffin iPod Accessories Announced

    I don’t own an iPod, and it’s very rare that I regret having bought a Creative Zen Vision: M–today is no different. Griffin has announced yet more iPod accessories, and these things are just plain goofy. First up, the iKaraoke. That’s right, now you can dub out the original lyrics of a song with your beautiful voice and broadcast it to the world with the included FM… Read More