Shut up and sing with this weird-ass Japanese karaoke mic for the Wii


We’ve all been there before: you sing like a nightingale – a damn nightingale – but your neighbors don’t appreciate it one bit. So you either give up on your dream of singing in the privacy of your own home or face the wrath of the cops and/or your landlord.

If only there were a big, weird karaoke microphone with a rubber cup around the mouthpiece that muffled your magnificent voice.

Enter the Urusakunai Kara OK! which apparently means “Not Noisy Kara OK!” – you understand that, Kara? People named Kara are not to be noisy, okay?

The ubiquitous din of karaoke singers in the crowded urban dwellings of Japan is enough to warrant such a product. What’s more, it’s been on the market for a while but has just made the leap to the USB Wii version.

Unfussy Kara OK! MYUTOMAIKU USB [JTT Online Shop (translated) via Kotaku]