• Recyclebank's CEO Jonathan Hsu On New Site, Rewarding Green Behavior Beyond The Bin

    Recyclebank — a loyalty rewards program that encourages people to lower the environmental impact of their lifestyles, for example, by recycling more and tossing less — introduced a redesigned website and mobile apps, and began offering new services to customers and partners on Monday. Chief executive of Recyclebank, Jonathan Hsu, said some of the new features he’s excited… Read More

  • RecycleBank CEO: We Will IPO In 2013 (TCTV)

    About one month into his role as RecycleBank’s new CEO, Jonathan Hsu is rattling off some ambitious numbers: An IPO by 2013, plans to grow his staff from 150 to over a thousand by 2012, and to reach nine-figures in annual revenues in that same year. That’s a herculean task for any company but especially one that plays in the labor and capital intensive world of recycling. And… Read More