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New York’s ff Venture Capital has raised a new, $54 million fund

New York-based venture firm ff Venture Capital, has raised $53.8 million for its fourth seed-stage venture fund, according to an SEC filing that shows fundraising began in the fall of 2014. The fir

VCs On Inequality, Unemployment, And Our Uncertain Future

The Great Bifurcation is underway. The American economy is polarizing between the minority rich and the majority poor; technology is a major cause of this; and the rest of the world will soon follow,

FF Ventures’ John Frankel Talks Wearables, Brain Waves, And The Future Of Immigration

<a target="_blank" href="">John Frankel</a>, founder and partner at <a target="_blank" href="

Wedding Startup Appy Couple Raises $1.2 Million Led By ff Venture Capital’s John Frankel

As you may have noticed in the last year, catering online services to women (<em>especially</em> wedding services) has turned out to be a big hit in Startup land. And one of the earlier companies out