• What Makes People Act Like Jerks Online?

    It’s no secret that people can be jerks on the Internet. Lord knows that I’ve seen my fair share of flame wars all over the place in my travels. Penny-Arcade noted as much six years ago with the famous equation: normal person + anonymity + audience = total fuckwad. And check your work… yup, fuckwad. Even given this bulletproof equation, the question becomes why. Read More

  • Hackers cause epileptic seizures to epileptics reading epileptic website

    [photopress:jerks.jpg,full,left]I’m all for griefing, I really am. Messing with institutions needs to be done, even if they’re virtual, even if they’re fun MMORPGs. No, especially if it’s with gamers. But leave the disabled alone, please. Hackers used JavaScript to cause panicky, flashing, multi-colored images to flash on a message board that cause people with epilepsy… Read More

  • Discount PS3s On The Horizon (If You're OK with Refurbs)

    Remember when it was hard to find a PS3? NotifyWire says those days might well be over. Due to many miscreants set on making a quick buck flipping the consoles on eBay or Craigslist and not making the sale, many shops are starting to see returns. What’s more, after the Xmas rush we’re currently experiencing, there will likely be more. In fact, a significant percentage of the PS3s… Read More