Discount PS3s On The Horizon (If You're OK with Refurbs)

Remember when it was hard to find a PS3? NotifyWire says those days might well be over. Due to many miscreants set on making a quick buck flipping the consoles on eBay or Craigslist and not making the sale, many shops are starting to see returns. What’s more, after the Xmas rush we’re currently experiencing, there will likely be more. In fact, a significant percentage of the PS3s sold to date might end up as returns to retailers nationwide.

This is good news for those who are waiting till after the holidays to get their grimey, potato-chip-stained hands on a system, as both the glut and open-box nature of the surplus consoles mean discounts for those patient enough to wait.

This is bad news, though, for Sony. But then, these days, what isn’t?

Bundles and high price creating PlayStation 3 glut [Game Industry dot biz, via Evil Avatar]