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In a world of tracks, Pink Floyd fights for the album

It has been suggested that the album is dead. That’s a bit hasty, I think; such an established musical tool can only be detonated when both the patron and the artist turn the key. What people ar

The rise and fall of iTunes LP (cue dramatic music)

<img src="" />Exciting news about Apple's <a HREF="

Don't want to pay $10,000 to have an iTunes LP version of your album? Make your own

<img src="" />The whole world was bullish on iTunes LPs when they were announced; <a href="

Looks like iTunes LP can be pirated after all: Muse album found online

Maybe there’s no DRM on iTunes LP after all? I could have sworn that when Apple announced the completely useless new feature last week that it had said there would be measures in place to preven

Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't ‘get’ iTunes LP

<img src="" />This is probably a question that the record labels should be asking, but I'll ask it here anyway: how do you guys listen to

iTunes LPs: a preemptive strike against the major labels' single-file albums

Not long ago, it was revealed that the major players in the music market were working on a single-file album format, by which they could sell you albums at an inflated price but with value added: cove