• Following Fire Incidents, Apple Japan Replaces 5,000 iPod Batteries In 3 Weeks

    The never ending story between Apple Japan and the local government may have finally come to an end. Following months of disputes whether overheating first generation iPod nanos pose a security risk (some iPods caused fire) or not, Apple last month announced it will put up a special warning message on its Japanese company site and offer to replace batteries in all models affected for free. Read More

  • Onkyo's high-end audio system for iPods and PCs

    Onkyo in Japan announced [JP, PDF] a new “digital media audio system” for iPod and PC owners today. The system consists of the ND-S1, a so-called digital media transport interface/cradle, and the DP-M1, a set of active speakers. Onkyo already offers the ND-S1 (even outside Japan), which serves as a link between your home theater or PC and your iPod. Read More

  • NOOOO! iPods with cameras update could be delayed!

    In a fancy bit of pussy footery, AppleInsider is quoting some guy with a good track record on Apple rumors who heard from some guy’s uncle’s mother’s brother who overheard someone say that someone at Apple heard someone say in 31 Flavors that the iPods with cameras (camPods) would be delayed. Read More

  • Apple selling refurbs cheaper in China

    How dare Apple sell refurbished products cheaper in China than in the US! Seriously. We want scratched and dinged up iPods at a 22% discount too. What, is Apple un-American or something. All we get is slight 13%-15% off the current generation on the refurb page. Hell, why isn’t the company giving away iPods yet? It could be a musical stimulation plan or something. Who cares about… Read More

  • Bigfoot just barely edges out interest in new iPods

    Please examine our site visits for yesterday versus August 15th, 2008. Yesterday we covered the new iPods. August 15th, we covered the Bigfoot press conference. To be fair, these are just visits, not pageviews. We did more pageviews yesterday than we did with the Bigfoot stuff. Now imagine if Steve Jobs had Bigfoot as the special guest at the next Apple event. The internet would probably melt. Read More

  • Apple's "Let's Rock" signage going up, iPhone 2.1 coming

    We’re two days from Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco has been decked out. Yay! Moving on. Ars is reporting that they’ve caught wind from a “little birdie” that Apple will release iPhone firmware 2.1 on Tuesday along with new iPods. So what can we expect from 2.1? Earlier reports suggested better… Read More

  • Dumbass teen holds iPod ransom for sexy, sexy video of schoolmate, goes to jail

    [photopress:ipod_porn_videos.jpg,full,center] Attention teenagers: There are many ways to see naked girls. Many. Even when I was a teenager, before there were terabytes of porn on the Internet, I found ways, and none of them got me arrested. This guy from Iowa, though, he had different ideas. He stole a classmate’s iPod, then demanded that she video record herself doing some filthy… Read More

  • Upgraded iPods shorting out headphones?

    There are some reports of 500mv of DC current popping up from 1.1 firmware iPod Classics. It seems there is some sort of software problem that makes the devices short out when the iPods are off and causes hissing when they’re on. Anyone experiencing this? Apple’s iPod Classic Could Be Harmful to Your Headphones [TheStreet] Read More

  • A costume idea I won't be using, so you should feel free to

    I was looking for costume ideas when I ran across this fairly geeky idea that I won’t be doing. You, however, should feel free to indulge yourselves. On that note, I still don’t have a costume, and am open to ideas, as I have like 4 Halloween parties to attend in the next three days. And that’s all before the 31st. Don’t you wish you could be me, just for one… Read More

  • iPolo

    Gestisci tutti i comandi senza necessit√† di estrarre l’iPod dalla tasca, grazie agli speciali fori che lasciano pieno accesso alla click wheel ed allo schermo.
    Nessun intralcio dai cavi, grazie ad un sistema di guide che li incanalano sotto la t-shirt. That’s what she said! Product Page Read More

  • Bexy's iMirror: New Company, Cool iPod Dock

    Running with the idea that there aren’t enough iPod docking solutions, let alone enough companies making iPod docking solutions, today finds a press release about the launch of a new company that makes iPod docking solutions, called Bexy. Rhymes with “sexy”. Not sure why. At first blush, the new iMirror dock looks a little nicer than some, but it’s nothing that… Read More

  • From The Fat Nano Fairy: New Nano To Come In 8GB and 16GB, Plays Video, Don't Call It a Nano

    According to the mystical Fat Nano Fairy, the following are facts about the upcoming Fat Nano: 1. The new, fat iPod Nano will likely come in 8GB and 16GB versions. 2. It will have video playback. 3. It will not be called “Nano” anymore. There will be a new product name. The Fat Nano Fairy isn’t sure what it’ll be called, though “Flower” is something… Read More

  • iPods Can Kill

    …provided you’re hiding under a tree in a thunderstorm and, freakishly, lightning hits you instead of the tree and runs down the length of the iPod earbuds and blows out your ear drums and blows up your iPod. I mean, otherwise, you’re fine. Apparently a 37-year-old jogger in British Columbia (is that even a place?) got hit by a bolt of lightning resulting in severe burns. Read More

  • Help-Key: How To Enjoy Your Gear Without Being a Douche

    Here we are, in the age of ubiquitous mobile devices, and while most of us read the instruction manuals, many don’t consider what’s not in the pages. Most of us have at least two devices on our person at all times, some even more. The upside is that these gadgets have made it easier for us to be entertained and revolutionized communications on a personal level. The bad news is… Read More

  • Spice Up That iPod With New Font Colors

    Owners of video iPods are blessed and there is no doubt about that. They get video while the rest of us mope around the streets just listening to music. Today is no different because those owners that I despise so much now have the ability to change the font color of the title bar, main menu and secondary font color. Oh great! Even Nano owners can do this. I give up. Maybe I’ll buy a Zune. Read More

  • iPods Hate Old People

    Electronics put off electromagnetic radiation. I know, I know. It’s a shocker, who knew? Actually I guess anyone with an EMF Meter and some electronics. Hell you could use the EMF Meter to measure the flux density OF the EMF Meter. What is perhaps slightly disturbing is that these electromagnetic frequencies can interact with their surroundings — although even human beings radiate… Read More

  • Apple Store to Take Up Full NY Block

    I’m not quite sure who Apple is going after here — skinny models? roughnecks? — but the NY Post just announced that they are installing a new store at 9th Avenue and 14th Street, way out in the Meatpacking District. It is an odd but fitting choice of location for a new 32,000 square foot Apple store. The Post is reporting that the store will take up three stories in an… Read More

  • Transformers iPod Dock Speakers

    Transformers iPod dock speakers will be available this July with my personal favorite, Optimus Prime, in white for $144.95. Need I say more? Transformers [Plastic Bamboo] Read More

  • Griffin Evolve Really Is Wireless

    If you feel like dropping $350 on an iPod dock than Griffin’s new Evolve is it. The Evolve consists of a dock that also charges, RF remote, and two rechargeable dual channel wireless speakers. Said speakers are said to work up to 150 feet away, wish they’d prove it at CES. Pretty cool since everything is wireless. Product Page Read More

  • Philips DVD Players Play Nice With iPods

    Yesterday at the Philips press conference they announced two DVD players with iPod docks. The 7-inch DCP750 and 8-inch DCP850 boast swivel screens and support DivX playback on DVD+-R, DVD+-RW, and (S)VCD formats. Each player includes a car adapter to keep the rugrats quiet or feel free to drain the 2.5 hour battery watching all that pron I know you all have. Not to shabby for $150 and… Read More