Onkyo's high-end audio system for iPods and PCs

Onkyo in Japan announced [JP, PDF] a new “digital media audio system” for iPod and PC owners today. The system consists of the ND-S1, a so-called digital media transport interface/cradle, and the DP-M1, a set of active speakers. Onkyo already offers the ND-S1 (even outside Japan), which serves as a link between your home theater or PC and your iPod.

The ND-S1 supports various iPod versions and generations (including the iPod touch), but iPhone users are out of luck. Buyers of the set can connect it to their PC (only Windows XP/Vista and 7 are supported) via USB or directly to the new DP-M1 speakers, which feature 10W×2ch output and DAC (they are just 19.4cm high and 10.2cm wide).

Onkyo plans to start selling the system in Japan on July 31 for $430 (the speakers themselves will go for $260. The company hasn’t said anything yet regarding a release outside Japan (but as the cradle is already available overseas, it’s quite possible).