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  • Graft Concepts Wants To Be The Swiss Army Knife Of iPhone Cases

    Graft Concepts Wants To Be The Swiss Army Knife Of iPhone Cases

    Card slots. A bottle opener. Pepper spray. Defense against a .50 caliber bullet. Whatever you might need on the go, people are thinking of ways for you to integrate it right into your iPhone case. But Y Combinator startup Graft Concepts is trying to cover all your basic needs with one case, using a simple latched frame and interchangeable backplates. Named Leverage, the case’s frame alone… Read More

  • iPhone cassette tape case is retro-practical

    Can’t get enough of the cassette tape nostalgia products? Well buddy, forget those other ones, because this is the best I’ve seen — mainly because it’s the most like the real thing. As long as you don’t need to put your phone in your pocket or anything like that (why would you want to?), this seems like a pretty sweet accessory. Read More

  • New $60 iPhone case apparently reduces radiation by 60%

    Worried about harmful cell phone radiation? Me neither. I talk on my phone about 15 minutes per month. If you’re a big talker, though, and you’ve been scared pantsless by all the studies linking wireless phones to various health risks, then perhaps you’d be inclined to spend $60 plus $9 for shipping on an iPhone case. Read More