IOGEAR Outs Two HTPC Controllers Perfect For Laid-Back Browsing

<img src="">Don't be distracted by the new assault of media streamers lead by the <a href=""

Iogear launches first Mac, PC compatible USB hubs

<img src="" alt="" />So these might not be for everyone, but Iogear announced a 2-port USB 2.0 printer switch and a 4-port USB “Net S

IOGEAR’s ‘Wireless USB-to-VGA’ kit

<img src="">Here’s a quick glance at IOGEAR’s Wireless USB-to-VGA kit. It consists of an ultra wideband (UWB) USB adapter that plugs into your compute

Review: IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System

The IOGEAR Powerline Stereo Audio System connects your iPod or other audio input device to speakers in a different room through the magic of electricity, avoiding all the cancer enducing radio waves t

CrunchDeals: IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe for $60

Normally about $80 to $100, Office Max has the IOGEAR Mobile Digital Scribe for $60 until October 18th. The device captures your writing from just about any normal paper surface (up to Letter or A4 si

IOGEAR debut spill-resistant keyboard, Bluetooth laser mouse

What is with all these computer peripherals lately? IOGEAR is betting all you collegians are going to need a bong-proof-keyboard so they’ve come out with their own spill-resistant keyboard that

Iogear's DVI Net ShareStation: In case you need to share a single monitor among several computers on a network

Damn, if you squint your eyes you just may be able to see the Iogear DVI Net ShareStation. It’s a small box you put onto your home network that then lets up to six different computers share the

IOGEAR busts out Wireless USB to VGA kit

IOGEAR may win today’s award for “most innovative products announced on a single day” first with their USB Laptop KVM and now this, Wireless USB to VGA kit. The latter of those two

Odd Iogear KVM cable is actually pretty cool

I’m a huge KVM fan. I followed them all through high school and was really upset when the broke up. Not a lot of people could do proto-punk-reggae like those guys and even 311 don’t hold a

Remote control HDMI switch looks simple, awesome

I don’t know why this isn’t a standard at this point. We’ve all got a ton of systems, inputs, outputs, displays, so we need a switcher, obviously. But we’ve also got a nice pla

Video Review: IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation

[] Looking to share USB devices across your home network? Got $80? Then pick up the IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation. The product’s website says, “Users may not achie

Contest: We're giving away three 'GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power' rechargeable battery packs

In the spirit of summertime travel, IOGEAR has given us three GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power systems to give away. Each kit consists of a lightweight and rechargeable battery pack capable of recharging

ShareStation: network sharing for your USB devices

IOGEAR’s ShareStation costs $80 and allows you to share USB devices. Smart, huh? You can share just about any USB-based device across multiple computers that are connected to the same network. I

Iogear launches USB to DVI video card for second monitor support

If you’re not fortunate enough to have a dual-monitor workstation, Iogear’s got something you should check out in the USB 2.0 External DVI Video Card. It’s what it sounds like, a USB

IOGEAR's 'Portable Media Player' announced

I’m not quite sure what to make of this so I’ll see if I can’t get my hands on a review unit to take it for a spin. The IOGEAR Portable Media Player is 3.2-inches wide by 5.25-inches

IOGEAR fined for germ-free claims

Bloops! The EPA has fined IOGEAR $208,000 for claiming their mice controlled germs. Their crime? “Unsubstantiated public health claims regarding unregistered products, and their ability to contr

IOGEAR Digital Scribe: Insert Something Funny

IOGEAR’s Digital Scribe may look like an ordinary pen, but it isn’t. Duh. It converts all your doodles and notes into digital text via an ultrasonic transmitter plugged into a USB port, wh

IOGEAR Intros Compact, Feature-Rich KVM Switch

Having a two computer setup can be nice, but all those cords can become a problem quickly. Ease the tension by picking up IOGEAR’s new MiniView Micro PS/2 KVM switch. It allows for two computers

IOGear Alleviates HD Media Center Woes

If your A/V receiver is becoming a tad too crowded because of all the HDMI cables and you hate switching back and forth from your next-gen DVD player to your game console then check out IOGear’s 4-p

IOGEAR Mouse Protects Passwords, You From Cooties

Yep, it’s a mouse. A corded, laser mouse with a biometric fingerprint reader. Oh, and its surface is covered with a Titanium Dioxide and Silver nano-particle compound that contains antimicrobial
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