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Venezuela is losing a generation of tech talent to its humanitarian crisis

The crisis in Venezuela has seen sky-high inflation, widespread hunger and a large-scale exodus from the country. The impact has been generational and is no different when applied to its tech sector.

OpenSignal, which taps sensors on 100M smartphones to monitor network speed, raises $8M

The world is awash in data, and while OpenSignal, a startup based out of London that’s probably best known for its mobile network speed reportsĀ  — which it compiles by tapping sensors fro

Google switches on new undersea cable for faster internet speeds in Asia

Google is speeding up its internet services in Asia once again. Fresh from expanding its data centers in the region last year -- which are located in Singapore and Taiwan -- the company said today tha

Netflix launches iOS and Android apps for its internet speed test service

Netflix began helping its users test their internet connection for streaming speeds in May when it introduced Now it is bringing that service to mobile with the launch of apps for iOS and An

Optimizing South Korean Technology For American Users

Navigating culture and business practices can be a trying task for any company going global. For tech companies, this often can mean coping with varying degrees of Internet connections from different