Internet Explorer 9

  • If The Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Was Honest

    If The Internet Explorer 9 Commercial Was Honest

    This. Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, the only thing Internet Explorer is good for is loading and downloading Chrome and Firefox. It’s still bloated, it’s still slow and it’s still a pain to use — although Google Chrome is getting more bloated with each release. Read More

  • StatCounter: Firefox 4 Has Already Eclipsed Internet Explorer 9

    StatCounter: Firefox 4 Has Already Eclipsed Internet Explorer 9

    Mozilla has just released Firefox 4, and in less than a day clocked more than twice the downloads Microsoft boasted about after the release of Internet Explorer 9. Now website analytics company StatCounter says Mozilla’s new browser has already taken 1.95 percent of the worldwide Internet browser market. In contrast, StatCounter adds, Internet Explorer 9 has taken only 0.87 percent of… Read More

  • Internet Explorer 9's Privacy Features Gain W3C Acceptance

    Besides the radical new interface, one of the bigger features of Internet Explorer 9 is its “do not track” feature. At the name suggests, it lets you decide, either manually or by subscribing to a pre-compiled list, which sites you exclude from tracking your Web browsing. So if you visit a site that employs a third-party ad service that tracks your every move—why is that… Read More

  • Mozilla: Internet Explorer 9 Isn't A ‘Modern’ Browser

    Why is Mozilla harshing on Internet Explorer 9 ? The company’s tech evangelist, Paul Rouget, said in a recent blog post that Internet Explorer 9 isn’t a “truly modern” browser, specifically calling out its implementation of HTML5. I don’t understand why the average person couldn’t use both (along with Chrome and Opera) to browse the Web as they see fit… Read More

  • Go Away, Snoopers: Internet Explorer 9 To Add Anti-Tracking Feature

    Did you hear the one about the Web browser that tracks your every move? It’s great fun, all so that advertisers can better sell you widgets as you read Web Site Z by way of Web Site B. Microsoft looks to be buttering up to some of the users it may have scared off given Internet Explorer’s pretty dire security reputation. A new feature planned for Internet Explorer 9 called… Read More

  • Dean Hachamovitch on Internet Explorer 9

    IE9 Product Boss Hachamovitch: "Our Goal Was To Have The Sites Shine Through" (TCTV)

    Today, after many previews, speed tests, and leaked videos, Microsoft will be finally unveiling the full public beta of Internet Explorer 9. I recently sat down with Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft’s general manager in charge of IE9, who took me through some of the main features of the new browser and sat down for the TCTV interview above. IE9 is built for speed, it takes advantage of… Read More

  • Microsoft Agrees With Apple And Google: "The Future Of The Web Is HTML5"

    Microsoft Agrees With Apple And Google: "The Future Of The Web Is HTML5"

    Did we mention that 2010 would be a big year for HTML5? Apple and Google are pushing it big time, and now so is Microsoft. When Internet Explorer 9 comes out, it will support HTML5 and help make it more common across the Web. “The future of the web is HTML5,” writes Dean Hachamovitch, the general manager for IE at Microsoft in a blog post talking about Web video. Microsoft… Read More

  • Is this nice looking browser really Internet Explorer 9?

    Seeing as today is April Fool’s Day and the source of this pic is some random Chinese site and it looks great unlike previous versions, let’s tread carefully here, m’kay. But that pic is supposed to be of IE 9. Read More