A newly funded startup, Internal, says it wants to help companies better manage their internal consoles

Uber and Facebook and countless other companies that know an awful lot about their customers have found themselves in hot water for providing broad internal access to sensitive customer information. N

How Square Keeps Its Culture Cool And Connected: It’s An App.

One of the things that really excited me about coming to TechCrunch is that I have the freedom to explore companies in a deeper, more meaningful, way. I've worked for quite a few startups and the peop

Verizon BlackBerry Storm "Minute With Mike" briefing video leaked

Remember those BlackBerry Storm still shots that leaked out from the internal Verizon employee announcement just a few hours ago? The entire video from which the screens were captured has now leaked o

iPhone Will Be Available For Pre-Paid Users

A leaked internal screen-shot from AT&T Rejoice! If you’ve been kicking yourself non-stop over the iPhone because you either have another carrier or you use Cingular as a pre-paid service, y