• How Square Keeps Its Culture Cool And Connected: It’s An App.

    How Square Keeps Its Culture Cool And Connected: It’s An App.

    One of the things that really excited me about coming to TechCrunch is that I have the freedom to explore companies in a deeper, more meaningful, way. I’ve worked for quite a few startups and the people who make things tend to interest me more than what they actually make, sometimes. Along that line of thinking, I visited the Square folks today and had a great conversation about their… Read More

  • Verizon BlackBerry Storm "Minute With Mike" briefing video leaked

    Remember those BlackBerry Storm still shots that leaked out from the internal Verizon employee announcement just a few hours ago? The entire video from which the screens were captured has now leaked online. The video quality is a bit like being 3 shots in and sitting on a tilt-a-whirl, but if you’re itchin’ for Storm information and the stills just aren’t doing it for you… Read More

  • iPhone Will Be Available For Pre-Paid Users

    A leaked internal screen-shot from AT&T Rejoice! If you’ve been kicking yourself non-stop over the iPhone because you either have another carrier or you use Cingular as a pre-paid service, you need not worry anymore. Proof has risen from an internal AT&T computer screen-shot, which shows available tracking for the iPhone. Three options are listed: iPhone Hybrid Tracking… Read More