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From The Team Behind Branch, Potluck Is A New Link-Sharing Service For The Internet’s “Lurkers” Who Don’t Tweet Or Blog

The <a target="_blank" href="">team</a> behind the social conversation platform <a target="_blank" href="">Branch</a> is today launching a new venture with <a

Swipp Launches Social Interest Graph Platform To Go Beyond The Facebook Like

Swipp, a Mountain View-based startup taking the wraps off of its products and platform today after two years of development and with $3.5 million in funding from Old Willow Partners. The startup has b

The Opinion Graph? Cheerboo Launches An Easy Way To Gauge Public Sentiment On Any Topic

Just as Pinterest has become increasingly important to marketers, it's been said that the first company to own sentiment, or the interest graph, in a social context will be a force to be reckoned with

How Twitter Is Pairing Its Interest Graph With Ads

With somewhat coincidental (?) timing, given this week's <a href="">Facebook Marketing Conference</a>, a new article published today by <a href="http:

Beyond Facebook: The Rise Of Interest-Based Social Networks

Pearltrees Raises $6.7M For Its “Collaborative Interest Graph”

Pearltrees, a company offering a novel interface for sharing and finding content, has raised 5 million euros ($6.7 million US) in new funding. The basic unit of the Pearltrees service is the pearl,