How-to video maker Jumprope launches to leapfrog YouTube

Sick of pausing and rewinding YouTube tutorials to replay that tricky part? Jumprope is a new instructional social network offering a powerful how-to video slideshow creation tool. Jumprope helps peop

Autodesk Acquires DIY Community Instructables

In its third acquisition this year, <a href="">Autodesk</a>, maker of design, engineering and entertainment software, has <a href="http://blog.instructables.c

How To Make A Pseudo-Antique Light Bulb Organ Controlled By A Midi Keyboard

<img src="" />Musical acts can always do better if they have some sort of gimmick. The band Future Dancing is using a

A DIY Gorillapod Right In Time For Gift Giving

<img src="" />Many digital point-and-shoot users often overlook the need for a tripod. Often times Facebook photos

Google's New Video Ad Highlights How Content Farms Rule At The Search Game

<img src="" /> So yesterday, I notice there's a new article up on Google's <a href="">main blog</a>, head

Use Linux to water your lawn

<img src="" />So you bought the <a href="">E

Hidden gadget charging station could save marriages

<img src="" />I have what I consider to be a modest number of gadgets lying around the house. The exact number is usu

WikiHow Gets Pretty, And Hits 20 Million Monthly Visitors

<img src="" width="215" height="86" /> How-to sites are always popular on the Web because they g

Stupid invention: the self-playing harmonica

<img src="" alt="player harmonica" title="player harmonica" />The aptly named <a href="

When you want to care enough to send the best, but forget

<img src="" alt="cake-in-a-jar" title="cake-in-a-jar" />I mailed a birthday card out yesterday to a family member who's birthday w

DIY miniature catapult, for all your miniature siege needs

<img src="" alt="altoids catapult" title="altoids catapult" />What do you do with a coat hanger, some rubber bands, an Altoids

Build a postal scale from old discs and scrap wire

<img src="" />Got some old CD's? Some spare steel wire, some tape and a couple of finishing nails? Then you too can build a simple p

You know, for beekeepers

<img src="" />In an attempt to expand our readership, today we are running a story for the beekeepers out there. Yes, you can now depend

Turn a busted surge protector into a secret HDD If you’ve got an old UPS laying around, and are both technically adept and extremely paranoid, have I got a project for you! This Instruc

Ditch your old paper business cards for a dot matrix one

I’ve contemplated ditching my business cards for some time, but every convention I attend and every PR flack requires me to donate one dead tree to them. A friend recently told me he had ditched

5min Releases Embeddable Player That Can Handle Text, Images, and Video

Instructional video site 5min has released a new beta version of their SmartPlayer, introducing support for text, video, and images that can be merged into a single embeddable flash widget. The site c

The LaunchPad 13 at Web 2.0 Summit

The annual Web 2.0 Summit kicked off today at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The conference Summit, which has been sold out for months, is noticeably larger than last year and hundreds of people a