instant replay

  • Italy's RAI bans 'controversial' instant replays during soccer matches. That's one way to solve the problem!

    During the World Cup, particularly during the England-Germany and Mexico-Argentina games, there was a lot of debate over the role of video replay in the sport. FIFA responded, in typical fashion, by banning video replay inside stadia. Head in the sand, etc. Well now Italy broadcaster RAI has embraced that very same mentality. Starting with the upcoming Italian season it will not show… Read More

  • It's time for the MLB to adopt instant replay

    Look, I’d be lying if I said I followed baseball this season. I’m a Mets guy, and you just know that, once April hits, you’re in for a reasonably OK season, but one that just looses steam as the months go by. So why bother? What I can say, though, is that, given all this evidence, it’s about time that baseball adopt the instant replay. Correct calls outweigh… Read More

  • Baseball prepares itself for on-the-field instant replay

    Not even instant replay could help this team As if baseball isn’t slow enough already, it now looks like the MLB will allow the use of instant replay to help make on-the-field calls. Don’t tell the purists. The deal, which is all but done but not *quite* finished, is such that instant replay will start being used before the end of the month. Use of instant replay will be limited… Read More