Italy's RAI bans 'controversial' instant replays during soccer matches. That's one way to solve the problem!

During the World Cup, particularly during the England-Germany and Mexico-Argentina games, there was a lot of debate over the role of video replay in the sport. FIFA responded, in typical fashion, by banning video replay inside stadia. Head in the sand, etc. Well now Italy broadcaster RAI has embraced that very same mentality. Starting with the upcoming Italian season it will not show “controversial” replays during games. So, if there’s a dodgy offside call during the Derby d’Italia, or perhaps a contentious penalty between the war-masked-as-sport between Lazio and Roma, well, RAI won’t be showing any of that.

RAI says it’s doing so that we “can think about a football with less shouting and more thought.”

In truth, that sounds amazing. So much football discussion on forums and podcasts and TV shows is nothing but arguing whether or not this or that call was “blown” or not. Ugh.

Wouldn’t we, as fans, rather discuss things that actually have merit, such as managers’ tactics and whether or not had an effective game? Less shouting about offside calls and more gentlemanly discussion of 4-2-3-1.

Granted, given that Rai isn’t the biggest broadcaster of football in Italy—Sky shows football seemingly all day, I think, at least that’s how it was when I was in Italy for a few days—I don’t know how much of an “impact” the decision will have.

But one can dream. Till then, there’s always Jonathan Wilson and ZonalMarking.