Inq Mobile, One Of The First Facebook Phone Makers, Shuts Down

Inq Mobile, one of <a href="">the first companies to build a Facebook phone</a>, announced that it has shut down with a message on its site (

INQ Extends Its Social Magazine App, Material, To iOS After 50,000+ Downloads On Android

INQ, the U.K.-based, Hutchison Whampoa backed company that used to build social phones, has extended its social magazine app Material to iOS, and updated the Android app to add an offline view feature

Exclusive Video Of INQ's Facebook Phone

<img src=""> Remember all that talk about a <a href="

Is This The New Facebook Phone And Interface?

<img src="" />The new phone is being called the INQ Cloud Touch and just might be the rumored Facebook phone. We just learned that the

INQ To Build Spotify Branded Phone

<img src="" width="121" height="200" />Wow, if nothing else, new European music service <a href="">Spotify

INQ to give the world a Twitter-Phone

No need for q-tips, you heard it right: INQ Mobile will soon announce a phone with exclusive twitter-connectivity just in time for the holiday season. INQ, the makers of the Skype Phone, plan to reall