Decrypted: DEA spying on protesters, DDoS attacks, Signal downloads spike

This week saw protests spread across the world sparked by the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis last month. The U.S. hasn’t seen prote

Anti-phishing startup Inky raises $20M to ramp up enterprise adoption

Anti-phishing startup Inky has raised $20 million in its Series B round of funding, led by Insight Partners. The funding will help the company push for greater enterprise adoption and expand to intern

Inky’s book recommendation app helps you find new reads

Amazon acquired social reading service Goodreads five years ago, squelching the life out of the competitive landscape, as┬áminimal as it was. So it’s promising to see a new app appear with the g

Inky Launches A Smarter Email Client For iOS That Sorts And Filters Your Email For You

Thanks to a resurged interest in mobile email applications following the sale of popular “email triage” utility Mailbox to Dropbox last year, a number of new email applications have been m