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In-flight WiFi being used much less than expected

<img src="" />It took years for the technology to come out, but in-flight WiFi was supposed to be the next big thing. The

Aircell Gogo: System requirements and supported devices

I guess my mystery device isn’t supported, but I’ll try it out anyway.

Blogging live from 37,000 feet via Aircell's Gogo inflight Wi-Fi on American Airlines

I find myself on AA flight #3 headed to LAX from NY’s JFK. Today marks the first day of Aircell’s Gogo inflight service going live for the masses. It will be available on flights from NYC to LA, M

Delta to roll out Aircell's GoGo service across entire fleet

This is certainly big news and it’s coming from an airline that’s been hampered with bankruptcy problems in recent years, but things are looking up for Delta. In April they announced that

Possible hands on with Aircell's GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi service

American Airlines is quite possibly the most horrendous airline on the face of the planet. I’m waiting for my flight to LA at Gate 12 in JFK. I was supposed to leave at 7:15 ET, but it’s b