In-flight WiFi being used much less than expected

It took years for the technology to come out, but in-flight WiFi was supposed to be the next big thing. The problem is, no one really uses it. Is it still too expensive? Too much of a pain to pull out the laptop? Whatever the reason, less then 10% of people flying are using in-flight WiFi.

My opinion? It’s a combination of different factors. Cost is certainly important, but I think that it’s more about the fact that business travelers like to take a break from email and online functions. Not to mention, if your flight is only going to take an hour or two, why would you bother to get WiFi and more importantly, pay for it. Availability could also be part of the problem, since only 950 planes are equipped with WiFi service.

Whatever the reason, the business and public have been extremely slow to adapt the technology. Perhaps as it becomes more commonly available, and cheaper, more people will embrace it.

[via USA Today]