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  • HTC Vigor Renamed Incredible HD, Poised for October Release?

    HTC Vigor Renamed Incredible HD, Poised for October Release?

    When the first shots of the HTC Vigor started making the rounds, I offhandedly mentioned that the funky backplate and red trim made it look like a new entry in Verizon’s Incredible series. As it turns out, that hunch may have just been confirmed, as a recently leaked release indicates that a very similar device called the Incredible HD is slated for an October launch. Read More

  • Supposed HTC Thunderbolt Specs Leaked: 1.2 Ghz Dual-Core CPU, 5 Megapixel Front Camera, And More!

    At this point, Verizon’s upcoming 4G-friendly Android phone, the HTC Thunderbolt, is about as secret as my undying love for oxygen. While its gone by different names over time (from the Incredible HD, to “Mecha”, to the current Thunderbolt moniker), we’ve seen leak, after leak, after leak with this thing. One thing, however, has managed to remain elusive: the spec sheet. Read More

  • HTC's Mystery Verizon 4G Phone To Be Called "Thunderbolt"?

    While they’ve tried to be pretty hush-hush about the specifics, HTC and Verizon have made it pretty dang clear that they plan to launch a 4G phone at CES — and unless the rumor mill is way, way off, it’ll be the handset thus far known by its rumored codenames: the Incredible HD, or “Mecha”. Neither of those names really captures the 4G spirit, though. Incredible… Read More

  • HTC Incredible HD (Mecha) Gets Caught On Camera Yet Again

    After yesterday’s slightly sheisty and very-much-controlled “leak” of a half dozen ultra close-up shots of the Verizon-4G-ready HTC Incredible HD (otherwise known as “Mecha”), I’m almost tired of seeing this thing. But for every tired Greg, there are a few hundred Android geeks just chompin’ at the bit for another spy shot — so let it be. Read More

  • Rumour time: Verizon's HTC Lexicon/Merge delayed but will pack LTE, HTC Incredible HD coming early 2011

    The QWERTY packin’ HTC Merge (previously known as the HTC Lexicon, pictured above) was previously rumoured to launch on November 11, but — according to Twitter user and Verizon Engineer, V3rdict — has been delayed due Verizon’s last-minute decision to equip it with an LTE radio, which will make it their first “4G” device. He does later say that he may be… Read More

  • Evo-like HTC Incredible HD hitting Verizon on November 23rd?

    Take the Sprint Evo 4G, slap a Verizon logo on it, and you’ve got an HTC Incredible HD. Now, we’re not usually ones to take anonymous Internet forum posts as truth — but when the guy who previously nailed the original HTC Incredible’s launch date comes out saying they’ve got the launch date for the HTC Incredible HD, we’ll give him the listen he deserves. Read More

  • Verizon's answer to the EVO 4G hits the FCC

    Last week we reported on the new almost-an-EVO from HTC that’s making its way to Verizon in the near(ish) future. And I have it on pretty good authority that you loved it. So, you’ll be pleased to know that the upcoming (but still nameless) device has had its required photo-shoot with the FCC, and we have some more photos for you. Read More

  • Like the EVO 4G? Want something like that for Verizon? It's coming.

    Another day, another leaked Android handset to lust over. This one looks like it just might dethrone the Droid X as Verizon’s flagship Android device — or at least give it one hell of a fight. The Droid X isn’t the only handset in danger of taking some damage from this one, though; this things a near one-to-one match with the Sprint EVO 4G, both in looks and specs. Hear… Read More