Evo-like HTC Incredible HD hitting Verizon on November 23rd?

Take the Sprint Evo 4G, slap a Verizon logo on it, and you’ve got an HTC Incredible HD.

Now, we’re not usually ones to take anonymous Internet forum posts as truth — but when the guy who previously nailed the original HTC Incredible’s launch date comes out saying they’ve got the launch date for the HTC Incredible HD, we’ll give him the listen he deserves.

According to DroidForums administrator Miami1683 (who, again, seems to know his stuff,) the aforementioned HTC Incredible HD will be launching on November 23rd. That’s just under a month from now, but that would get it in stores right before Thanksgiving comings along and fires off the Holiday shopping spree madness. Launching what is likely Verizon’s highest-end handset days before people would have stormed the stores with wads of cash anyway? Not a bad idea.

[Via Phandroid]