• Inbox2 Debuts Public Beta Of Message Management Desktop Client For Windows

    Leena Rao picked a great title when she wrote a post about fledgling Inbox2 late last year, writing that the startup essentially aims to rule all incoming communication streams, as the Web service turns your email and micro blogging updates from friends and contacts into a single, ever-synched activity stream. Now, the Holland-based company is launching a nifty, free software program (Windows… Read More

  • Inbox2: One InBox And Communications Stream To Rule Them All

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, which inbox is the fairest of them all? Inbox2 is betting on all of them with its online platform, which attempts to bring together all your message streams (email accounts, Twitter, Facebook) into a single master inbox. Today, recently launched Netherlands-based Inbox2 is launching a host of new features to its offerings. Inbox2 offers both a web application and… Read More