Inbox2: One InBox And Communications Stream To Rule Them All

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which inbox is the fairest of them all? Inbox2 is betting on all of them with its online platform, which attempts to bring together all your message streams (email accounts, Twitter, Facebook) into a single master inbox. Today, recently launched Netherlands-based InBox2 is launching a host of new features to its offerings.

InBox2 offers both a web application and a Facebook application that will integrate your email messages and Twitter stream into the social network. The web app can configure to multiple email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL) and presents various ways to see your streams broken down by service, contact, thread or within one powerful stream. You can send, reply and search in one place. One of the key features for Inbox2’s web app and Facebook app is the ability to send Facebook messages or Twitter DMs and replies from within the apps.

When using the Facebook app, the service will notify users if they receive new email or status update from any of their configured accounts. InBox2 also allows the use of smart labels and stars for messages and attachments and you can import your existing labels from other services such as Gmail.

The apps now allow users to share and attache email, documents and images directly from your Inbox2 stream or Facebook app. The app has also added realtime updates from Twitter, Facebook and now Yammer and LinkedIn. You can also create and save searches on Twitter. And the app now supports Microsoft Exchange 2007.

InBox2 is best compared to TechCrunch 50 finalist Threadsy, which debuted its all-in-one, web-based communications client a few months ago and received positive reviews from the judges and audience. The main difference is that Threadsy doesn’t have a Facebook app. Inbox2 is planning to roll out an iPhone app soon and is also looking to launch offerings for other smartphones in the near future. Not only is Inbox2 a useful service for consolidating communications, but it is visually appealing and easy to filter out the stream.