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Notion raises $9.5M for a smarter email app, now live on mobile and soon, Alexa

A startup aiming to offer a better email experience by prioritizing the messages that are most important to you, Notion, is today publicly launching its service, which is available as a mobile app for

Zero’s New Email App Can Help You Reach “Inbox Zero”

A new mobile email application called Zero is launching today to help users power through their inboxes on the go to achieve the often sought-after state of “inbox zero.” Aimed at heavy em

Mailstrom, A Machete For Overloaded Inboxes, Makes Its Official Debut With 400M+ Emails Already Under Storage

<a target="_blank" href="">410 Labs</a>, home to products like <a target="_blank" href="">Shortmail</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Re

How Big Is The FB IPO? It’s So Big I Just Hit Inbox Zero

Why is there nothing but <a href="">Facebook IPO news</a> today, you (Facebook haters) may be asking? Well, outside of the obvious - people are obsessed, this is a