• IMHO, Imo Is A Pretty Great Way To Chat. Today Brings A New Design And An Exit From Alpha

    It was almost exactly two years ago that my colleague Robin Wauters first wrote about a service called Imo with the title: IMO.IM Is The Best IM Web Service You’ve Never Heard Of. I’ll be honest, I didn’t listen to him at the time (though, to be fair, I didn’t even work at TechCrunch yet). He followed up a few months later when the service added Facebook chat support. Read More

  • Review: IMO Monster Touch

    The Monster Touch is an auxiliary screen for people who, well, need an additional screen. In case of the Monster Touch the idea is there, the execution needs some work however. I’ve found some situations where the screen came in handy and I can imagine that for some users this screen would do the trick. Read More

  • Quietly Building One Solid Multi-Network Instant Messaging App

    When I first covered back in February, I wrote it was one of the best Web apps for instant messaging you’d likely never heard of, and chances are you’ve forgotten all about it since then. To be honest, so had I, but the team got in touch last week to let us know it had added some useful new features to the service over the past few months and that we should give it another look. Read More

  • TC50: Control Any PC Game With Your iPhone With iMo

    One of the cooler iPhone apps to launch last year was SGN’s iFun, which let you use your iPhone or iPod touch to control games on your computer screen. But iFun only works with SGN’s own games like iGolf, a new startup, iMo, launching today at TechCrunch50, expands the ability to all PC games. Most PC games are still played using the mouse+keyboard combination. A lot of hardcore… Read More