• Minecraft comes to VR via Oculus Rift next week

    Minecraft comes to VR via Oculus Rift next week

    Minecraft in virtual reality: It’s a dream for fans of the immersive crafting and world building sim, and it’s going to be a reality for Oculus Rift owners starting next week. The VR version of the popular Microsoft-owned game was tipped for launch in “the next few weeks” on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta late last month, and was supposed to arrive with the… Read More

  • President Bill Clinton Steps Into VR

    President Bill Clinton Steps Into VR

    As I mentioned during my VR panel at TC Disrupt last week, Bill Clinton has been messing around with virtual reality. Today, Felix & Paul Studios’ production “Inside Impact: East Africa” has hit both Oculus (Oculus Store for Gear VP Innovator Edition) and Facebook 360 degree video. Read More

  • More Bad News For Mobile Maker HTC As Haptics Company Immersion Applies To Restart Patent Litigation & Push For Damages

    More Bad News For Mobile Maker HTC As Haptics Company Immersion Applies To Restart Patent Litigation & Push For Damages

    HTC has something else to worry about: it’s facing the prospect of having to fork out for damages if it loses a patent litigation court case to haptics company Immersion. Immersion had been content to stay its U.S. lawsuit against HTC — in order to wait for the completion of an ITC patent investigation — but has now asked for the stay to be lifted so it can seek immediate… Read More

  • Immersion's Haptic SDK For Android Now Available

    Just a bit shy of a month ago, we told you all about Immersion’s MOTIV platform. For those who skipped class that day, MOTIV is intended to add all sorts of new feedback sensations to applications and operating systems by really making use of a handset’s vibration motor. Touch the button on screen? Vibrate! Listening to super heavy techno? Vibrate to the beat! Firing a machine gun? Read More

  • KAUST: Visualization beyond the CAVE

    Yesterday I introduced CORNEA, the CAVE system at KAUST. CAVEs are great, but they require a huge investment: you need to build a facility around it, or renovate a space to accommodate it. Then you need to spend enormous amounts of money to buy and install the gear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an immersive 3D environment without all that effort? Researchers at KAUST, in… Read More

  • Rumor Mill, please stop: Apple, Immersion met to discuss haptic for iPhone

    Apple and Immersion met twice last week to discuss the possibility of incorporating haptic technology into future versions of the iPhone. How do we know? Well, we don’t, duh, but what else can be gleamed from the purported meetings? Immersion and Samsung worked together to bring haptic to the Sprint Instinct. As the great comedian Louis CK once ranted, not everyone is enthralled with… Read More

  • Immersion Brings VibeTonz To Nokia Devices

    Immersion has announced a long-term partnership with Finnish mobile phone giant, Nokia. We’ll soon see VibeTonz tactile feedback systems (sort of like force feedback) on future Nokia devices. As the world’s largest mobile device manufacturer, Nokia, is in a favorable position to bring all sorts of cool features to mobile games, music playback and the whole mobile device experience. Read More

  • Sony And Immersion Finish Legal Battle

    Remember a few years ago Sony got into some deep trouble with a company called Immersion over the rumble technology in the PS2’s controllers? Well after a long, long battle, the two companies have finally settled their differences. Immersion and Sony are now working together to incorporate Immersion’s vibration technology inside future Sony products, most likely including the… Read More