ifa 2009

  • Video: LG's AMOLED display is mighty thin – miiiighty thin

    1.7mm. Well! I remember when I was impressed by a third of an inch — a comparably girthy 8mm. These LG TVs use AMOLED technology, which pretty much is the business except for cost and size limitations right now. Keep in mind that the guts of the TV aren’t contained in that thin part — but the fact that it can stand alone means that the CPU and such can all be hidden or… Read More

  • Sort of live at the Panasonic press conference at IFA

    I was sitting quietly in the Panasonic Press conference when I discovered that Sprint was releasing the Hero so I ran back to the press room. I’m glad I did. The other ninjas I’m here with Gartenberg and Rubin, are Twittering from the conference and I think this slide shows exactly what you can expect out of CE companies in the next few years. I present to you the Digital… Read More