Findings Redesigns, Rolls Out New Chrome Extension To Help You Manage Your Ideas

We covered the initial launch of a <a href="">service called Findings</a>, a place to sort through all of the ideas that pop into your brain on a d

Oil Spill Still Too Slippery To Solve (But Here Are Some Videos)

<img src=""> So far, an estimated <a href="">82 million gallons</a> of oil have leaked into

Another 'one console is better for everyone' editorial

[photopress:peaceoneconsole.gif,full,center] Add one more vote to the “we’d be better off with a single video game console than with multiple ones.” Colin Campbell over at Next-Gen.b

Mark Cuban goes nuts! Says to give away soundtracks! What a nut!

Hey, wait a minute. He’s got a good idea. So movie viewership is faltering and music sales are stagnant. Why not mix the two together, creating a synergistic Super Friends? His proposal is simpl

The top ideas of 2007 sorta includes 'that Britney Spears guy'

This week’s Old Gray Lady Magazine put together a list of the best ideas of the year, some of them tech-y and some of them a-waste-of-everyone’s-time-y. Of the many great ideas, you might