• Findings Redesigns, Rolls Out New Chrome Extension To Help You Manage Your Ideas

    Findings Redesigns, Rolls Out New Chrome Extension To Help You Manage Your Ideas

    We covered the initial launch of a service called Findings, a place to sort through all of the ideas that pop into your brain on a daily basis. The product came out of the Betaworks stable, and the team has been hard at work on updating it with new features and a pretty redesign. I’m all about connecting thoughts and ideas, as they can be pretty fleeting for people like me who… Read More

  • Oil Spill Still Too Slippery To Solve (But Here Are Some Videos)

    So far, an estimated 82 million gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. Everything BP has tried to stop the largest oil spill in history has failed. The company has tried everything from “junk shots” to “top kill” to containment domes, and is still spending $100 million a day to try to cap the well and clean up the mess. The company is even open to… Read More

  • Another 'one console is better for everyone' editorial

    [photopress:peaceoneconsole.gif,full,center] Add one more vote to the “we’d be better off with a single video game console than with multiple ones.” Colin Campbell over at (and who also hosts a video game podcast that treats its audience like adults… that’s rare) used up several column inches to defend the idea that a single, open video game… Read More

  • Mark Cuban goes nuts! Says to give away soundtracks! What a nut!

    Hey, wait a minute. He’s got a good idea. So movie viewership is faltering and music sales are stagnant. Why not mix the two together, creating a synergistic Super Friends? His proposal is simple: movie theaters print a code on their tickets that entitle them to some sort of digital download. It could be a song, a copy of the script, or a screensaver. You get some web traffic, some… Read More

  • The top ideas of 2007 sorta includes 'that Britney Spears guy'

    This week’s Old Gray Lady Magazine put together a list of the best ideas of the year, some of them tech-y and some of them a-waste-of-everyone’s-time-y. Of the many great ideas, you might want to check out the best way to deflect an asteroid (one of my biggest concerns), the electric hockey skate, posthumous e-mail and the accidental YouTube audition. For that one, think that… Read More