Cracking The Code Of Consumer Electronics Repair, iCracked Looks To Expand

Known for its on-demand phone repair services, startup iCracked has even bigger ambitions. The company is on its way to being a full-service consumer electronics sales service, and it's starting by

YC-Backed Pakible Makes It Dead Simple For Businesses To Design, Ship Packaging

With e-commerce startups breaking into eyewear, beauty, shaving, monthly subscriptions products and more, there will be plenty of need for boxes and packaging. That’s where Pakible, a Y Combin

iCracked Technicians Have Made $6M This Year

You'd think that competing directly with Apple for its own customers would be a losing game, but iCracked's iOS repair service continues to grow as Apple approaches 1 billion mobile devices sold — a

iCracked Launches A Way To ‘Uber’ Someone Up To Buy Back Your Old iPhones

iCracked, the Y Combinator company that has quietly built up an empire on repairing broken iPhones and iPads, is launching a way to call someone up on demand to buy your old phones back. With the new

YC’s iCracked Is Blowing Up With A New “Uber” For iPhone Repairs Service

Yes, you can fix that smashed iPhone on demand now. That means no visits to the Apple store, or intensive DIY efforts. A YC alum called iCracked first unveiled its real-time, iPhone or iPad repair ser

iCracked Takes On The Geek Squad With Worldwide Local iPhone Repair

Sometimes the genesis of a startup happens just like this: Guy buys iPhone. Guy breaks iPhone. Guy then pays Apple way too much to fix said phone, grumbling ensues. Guy breaks phone again. Roommate br