Here’s What Virtual Reality Means For Kids Stuck In The Hospital

There’s not much that I can say to set this video up other than it’s just one of the incredible possibilities that virtual reality brings. UploadVR spotted it first. C.S. Mott Children&#82

Rock Health-Backed Kit Check Nets $10.4M To Help Hospitals Reduce Costs, Keep Life-Saving Inventory Up To Date

In spite of their critical role within the health system -- and the life saving care they provide -- hospitals today continue to be bogged down by archaic practices and inefficiencies which are costly

With $41M Now In The Bank, Health Catalyst Wants To Help Solve Healthcare’s Big Data Problem

With big data playing an increasingly critical role in healthcare and with the pervasiveness of archaic infrastructure and lack of data portability in health systems and hospitals, data warehousing st

Healthcare Finally Moving Past Wang-Like Legacy Systems

Healthcare has long been a technology paradox. There have been few places further out on the cutting edge of technology than biotech and medical devices. In contrast, healthIT has been in a time warp

Procured Health Nabs $1.1M From Bessemer, Athena Health Founder To Help Reduce Health Costs

<a target="_blank" href="">Procured Health</a>, a startup that aims to help hospitals better discover, evaluate and adopt quality medical devices, is today announcing th

Supreme Court Decision On Obamacare Has Little Relevance To Healthcare Disrupters

When I’m not writing for TechCrunch, my “day job” is working with healthcare providers the disruptive innovators who are reinventing healthcare and slaying the healthcare cost beast as a byprodu

Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Wall(ed Garden)

Today, I participated in a meeting at the White House described as an "expert roundtable on patient access to health data" hosted by Todd Park (Chief Technology Officer of the United States), Farzad

Strategic Healthcare Investors’ Investment Thesis

<em>This is the second part in a <a href="">two-part series</a> on st

Hospi: Meet Panasonic's Awesome Healthcare Robot (Video)

<img src="" /> Not too many people know that Panasonic is a quite prolific maker of <a href="