Hop-on hopping on the Google Android bandwagon

Hop-on is planning to release a new open Android phone at CES early next year. It will reportedly sell for less than $200. “Hop-on is committed in bringing the latest technology to the market, t

Hop-on tries ‘crazy guy in prison’ tactic with 3G phone

They say that if you go to prison, the best thing you can do is to act crazy your first day and punch the biggest, baddest looking dude you can find. Seems Hop-on (you remember Hop-on, right?) is tryi

Hop-On announces a dirt cheap smartphone, 3G/GSM phones

We’re still not too sure about Hop-On, but the announcements keep on coming. Hot on the tail of their “Anti-iPhone” handset announcement, they’ve announced plans to expand thei

Hop On Wireless' HOP1800 "disposable" phone: Beware

As we all know, Hop On Wireless finally (they’ve been promising hardware since 2001) released the Hop1800, a $10 disposable dual-band phone with no screen. Great, right? So what am I so antsy ab

'Hop-On' with a $10 pre-paid cell phone

I’ll let you in on a boring little secret: I don’t own my own cell phone. Due to my job as reviews editor, I rely on using demo phone after demo phone and have a Grand Central number that

Hop-On (who!?) launches GSM/CDMA smartphone (what!?) for gamblers (wtf!?)

This is an odd duck out of left field, if you’ll allow me to mix metaphors like I mix a cocktail. The HOP2001 by Hop-On is a Windows Mobile 6-based smartphone with a Treo-like form factor that c