Envisics raises $50M at a $500M valuation for its in-car holographic tech

The automotive industry is starting to show some signs of recovery after a big contraction during the COVID-19 pandemic, and carmakers planning for the next five years are looking at what new feature

Looking Glass launches second-gen holographic displays

Brooklyn-based Looking Glass Factory today announced the release of a pair of second-gen holographic displays. Following up on late-last year’s release of the entry-level Portrait, the startup is of

Video: GE's microholographic storage disc explained

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/geholo.jpg">OK. This is an official GE video so once you get past the first 50 seconds of fluff, it explains how microholographic discs w

InPhase Ships Holographic Storage

The future is here—sort of. InPhase today announced that it has begun bulk shipping its 300GB holographic storage disks. The platters are 1.5-millimeters thick and cost $180 each. That is on top

'Holographic' HDTV Spotted on Ebay UK

BornRich spoted this peculiar HDTV rig on Ebay. The system utilizes an HD projector and a hanging piece of specially cut glass to deliver an image that looks as if it’s hovering in midair. The d