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    No, A16Z Didn’t Buy Y Combinator For $266 Billion

    No, A16Z Didn’t Buy Y Combinator For $266 Billion

    No, Andreessen Horowitz isn’t buying Y Combinator for $266 billion. In fact the post, which looks an awful lot like a real TechCrunch post, is actually a hoax and never appeared on the TechCrunch site at all. How was a forgery accomplished so easily and how did it spread so virally that it garnered over 25,000 views in 12 hours? Read More

  • Craigslist hoax turns out to be pretty craptastic

    Not cool, man. Not cool. Two fake ads surfaced on Craigslist.com saying that Jacksonville, Oregon resident Robert Salisbury “was forced to leave the area suddenly and his belongings, including a horse, were free for the taking,” according to a report by KGW News. Salisbury returned home to find upwards of 30 people ransacking items from his barn and the exterior of his home. When… Read More

  • One year ago today: The Mooninite hoax that shocked the nation

    Let us not forget that it was exactly one year ago today that a couple of innocent marketing pranksters in Boston were confused with dangerous terrorists due to the DIY LED sign you see above. They placed a few all over the city, a nod to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a type of harmless techno-graffiti, but a type that was considered a bomb threat by the clueless Man. We’d like to take a… Read More