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Video: Hitachi Maxell's Wireless iPhone 4 Charger

<img src="" /> Not sure what to think of this, but here we go: Hitachi Maxell has developed a wireless charging solution

Hitachi Maxell develops world's smallest lens module for camera phones

<img src="" /> Cameras in cell phones are getting better and better, and now Hitachi Maxell has <a href="htt

Hitachi Maxell develops no-leak alkaline batteries, gives a warranty

<img src="" /> <a href="">Hitachi Maxell</a> Japan has developed a new kind of alkaline battery th

Noise-canceling iPod-only earphones that don't need batteries announced in Japan

Hitachi Maxell today unveiled noise-canceling iPod-only earphones [JP] that are powered through the player and therefore don’t require extra batteries. They weigh 22 grams and are 95cm long. All