Hitachi Maxell develops no-leak alkaline batteries, gives a warranty


Hitachi Maxell Japan has developed a new kind of alkaline battery that’s supposedly shielded well enough to prevent leakage in the case of misuse. The new batteries will be part of the company’s Voltage brand and go on sale in Japan in April this year.

Hitachi Maxell says in 55% of all cases, batteries are leaking liquid because of overcharging. The company managed to reduce the amount of undischarged zinc (one of the most critical ingredients) by using a new, self-developed zinc alloy, which is called “Microzinc α”.

Hitachi Maxell claims one side effect of the new zinc alloy is that it extends the battery life by 5% compared to Voltage products released last year. AA and AAA batteries are being offered. Users will get a warranty that the batteries will not leak in 5 years when properly handled.

Via Tech-On