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  • LuvBook S: Japan Gets Super-Cute “Hello Kitty” Laptop

    LuvBook S: Japan Gets Super-Cute “Hello Kitty” Laptop

    We have covered the one or the other Hello Kitty gadget in the past, but it’s been a while since the last notebook featuring the popular cartoon cat. But now Japan’s Mouse Computer is selling the so-called LuvBook S, [JP], an 11.6-inch laptop with Hello Kitty all over it. It has been co-developed with Hello Kitty maker Sanrio and luxury goods maker Swarovski. Swarovski designed… Read More

  • SoftBank 007SH KT: Hello Kitty-Branded Clamshell Android Phone

    SoftBank 007SH KT: Hello Kitty-Branded Clamshell Android Phone

    The Yahoo Phone isn’t the only unusual handset Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank rolled out yesterday. SoftBank subscribers can soon lay their hands on another one, the 007SH KT [JP], which has two selling points: it’s designed like a clamshell feature phone (even though it runs on Android), and it has Hello Kitty written all over it. Read More

  • For iPhone 4: Super-Cute Hello Kitty Cases From Japan

    Tokyo-based Japan Trend Shop, an online store selling unique gadgets and lifestyle products from Nippon, started listing something super-cute today: Hello Kitty-themed protective cases (the site is completely in English) for use with the iPhone 4. Read More

  • Super-Cute Hello Kitty Digital Photo Frame

    Tokyo-based Regulus has just started selling the RDPF-7KIT [JP, PDF] in Japan, a super-cute Hello Kitty digital photo frame. The device comes with a 7-inch LCD with 800×480 resolution, 1W×2 speakers, and interfaces for SDHC/SD cards, USB drives, and Memory Sticks. Read More

  • Video: Super-Cute Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

    Popular cartoon cat Hello Kitty is getting another gadget treatment. This time, it’s a super-cute speaker dock for the iPod or iPhone, offered by a Japanese company called CAV [JP]. The dock is an update to a very similar model CAV started offering in August. Read More

  • Video: Super-Cute Dancing Hello Kitty Speaker

    We’ve blogged about many Hello Kitty gadgets in the past, i.e. Hello Kitty camcorders, music players, cell phones or even TVs. And today, Japan-based IDEA started listing a new gadget on its online store [JP]: the Dancing Hello Kitty Speaker. Not too surprisingly, the design is very, very cute. Read More

  • Video: Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock

    CAV Japan today announced [JP] iPod speakers designed like Hello Kitty, the dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls. The maker says the speaker dock comes with “Surface Mounting Technology” and “Lossless Energy Amplification Technology” for 360° sound, but the design is the main selling point in this case. Read More

  • Playspan To Power Payments In Sanrio's Social Game Hello Kitty Online

    Playspan has scored a number of high profile deals to power micropayments for social networks, game developers, media companies and gaming platforms. Today, Playspan is announcing that it will be deploying its payments platform on Sanrio Digital’s social game Hello Kitty Online. Hello Kitty Online, which is in private beta, is the official massively multiplayer online game (MMOG)… Read More

  • Hello Kitty camcorder

    Japanese camera maker Exemode announced [JP] the Hello Kitty DV520KT today, a simple 5MP CMOS camcorder that only has one thing going for it: it features mega-popular cartoon cat Hello Kitty saying “Hi” on the hardware. That’s what it probably makes perfect for young girls though. Read More

  • Toshiba to sell Hello Kitty Regza LCD TV

    It’s not the first Hello Kitty TV out there, but this new Toshiba TV is perhaps the one with the most discreet design. Announced [JP] today, the Hello Kitty 19A800KT is a 19-inch LCD TV that sports the cartoon cat on both the device itself and the remote controller. But that’s not all. Read More

  • Hello Kitty MP3 player sparkles with Swarovski crystals

    Hello Kitty, dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls and women around the world, gets another portable music player. We had a device fully covered with Swarovski cystals in October last year. We had another one, all in black, in December. And today, Japan-based Mouse Computer, in cooperation with iriver Japan, announced [JP] a player that’s kind of the combination of the two… Read More

  • Super-cute Hello Kitty LCD TV with super-cute remote control

    Hello Kitty, the dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls around the world, regularly gets a lot of love from the gadget world, too. But Hello Kitty TVs were relatively scarce so far. Last time we blogged about one was in June 2008. While that one was pretty cute by itself, this new model announced today [JP], a 13.3-inch LCD TV, is much, much cuter (at least in my view). Read More

  • Hello Kitty Music Player Premium

    The Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal, made in cooperation with luxury brand Swarovski, I blogged about in October drew the attention of quite a few (mostly female) CrunchGear readers. One of the problems was the price: $150 for a fairly basic music player isn’t cheap. But now Japan-based Mouse Computer, in cooperation with iriver Japan, is offering a similar device. And their so-called… Read More

  • Japan gets ultra-cute Hello Kitty music player with sparkling Swarovski crystals

    Hello Kitty is 35 years old now, and she still continues to be the dream cartoon cat of millions of teenage girls. If you’re one of these people and have a penchant for gadgets on top of that, this new and strictly limited music player might be the right thing for you. The so-called Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal [JP] is the result of a cooperation between iriver Japan, Hello Kitty… Read More

  • Super-cute Hello Kitty photo frame

    Japan is heaven on earth for fans of cute gadgets. In the case of mega-popular cartoon cat Hello Kitty, the country offers Kitty-branded notebooks, USB flash drives, a ventilator and even a photo printer. And today, major Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank announced another Hello Kitty gadget, the PhotoVision HW001 KT [JP] (a digital photo frame). Read More

  • Super-cute Hello Kitty USB flash drive

    Sanrio, the company behind the dream of millions of teenage girls around the world, cartoon cat Hello Kitty, is to celebrate the cat’s 35th birthday on November 1st. Reason enough to team up with design USB flash drive maker Mimoco and give us the Hello Kitty X Mimobot, quite possibly the cutest USB stick out there. Read More

  • Epson Japan to sell super-cute Hello Kitty notebook

    The dream of millions of teenage girls around the world, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, gets yet another notebook in Japan. This time, the cartoon cat is supposed to boost sales of an Epson model, the Endeavor NJ2150 in “pearl white”. It will be available in two different versions. Read More

  • Hello Kitty Taser: A pink Taser with Hello Kitty on it [UPDATE — it's fake]

    You know you’ve made it when your product gets the Hello Kitty treatment. This hot pink Hello Kitty Taser is perfect for the man or woman on the go who requires the best in personal protection but isn’t willing to sacrifice style. UPDATE: This has been confirmed as fake by Taser. Read More

  • Hello Kitty photo frame is almost too cute to be true

    We blogged about a number of particularly cute digital photo frames in the past, but this Hello Kitty model beats them all. Announced in Japan by Sanrio [JP] today (Sanrio is the corporation behind the cartoon cat), the device goes on sale in Nippon on May 31. There will be two variations. Read More

  • Just in time for summer: Super-cute Hello Kitty ventilator

    There is a big number of gadgets available that feature Hello Kitty, the super-cute cartoon cat and love of millions of teenagers worldwide. There are Hello Kitty-branded digital cameras, alarm clocks, cell phones and even notebooks. Until today, only a ventilator was missing. Not anymore. Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, has started selling a mini ventilator that’s shaped like… Read More

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