Video: Super-Cute Dancing Hello Kitty Speaker

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We’ve blogged about many Hello Kitty gadgets in the past, i.e. Hello Kitty camcorders, music players, cell phones or even TVs. And today, Japan-based IDEA started listing a new gadget on its online store [JP]: the Dancing Hello Kitty Speaker. Not too surprisingly, the design is very, very cute.

IDEA is offering a version in red and one in pink (for $74 each). A third version, Hello Kitty in black, will follow next month, carrying a $86 price tag (see below). The battery-powered speaker weighs 1.1kg and can be used with any kind of music players, including the iPod.

Contact Japan-based export stores like the Japan Trend Shop, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya if you’re interested but live outside Japan.

Here’s IDEA’s official promo video for the red version:

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