• HAVA: Remotely watch TV together and record to iTunes

    We’ve covered the HAVA set-top box from Monsoon Multimedia before. Their SlingBox-like device does… uh… what a SlingBox does. It lets you remotely watch your home TV channels from anywhere with an internet connection. Now, they’ve got some more tricks up their sleeve. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HAVA Platinum HD streamer for $87

    Amazon has the Slingbox-like HAVA Platinum HD extender for $86.99, down from its $149.99 list price. The box takes in an HD video signal and streams it back out over your home network via the built-in Ethernet port. Video on your local network gets compressed as DVD-quality MPEG-2, while you’re also able to watch everything over the internet, too, compressed as MP4 files. The HAVA can… Read More

  • Monsoon HAVA Gold HD Turns PC Into Budget PVR, Video Streamer

    Maybe you’ve heard of HAVA, maybe you HAVA-n’t (ha!), but it looks like the company is here to stay as a prime competitor to Sling Media’s Slingbox. The HAVA Gold HD announced today (and available for sale) is a $129 box that not only allows you to turn your Windows PC into a TiVo-like video recorder, but you can stream MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video to multiple PCs as well. Read More

  • Hava is the Slingbox for Windows Media Center

    <img src="https://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/over the net and they can all watch simultaneously. The Hava box also has component, S-Video, composite, and RF inputs for TV, and can use IR blaster to control set top boxes you get from your cable provider for HD TV or digital cable. You can get one now for $199. The major difference between this and Slingbox is the fact… Read More