HAVA: Remotely watch TV together and record to iTunes


We’ve covered the HAVA set-top box from Monsoon Multimedia before. Their SlingBox-like device does… uh… what a SlingBox does. It lets you remotely watch your home TV channels from anywhere with an internet connection. Now, they’ve got some more tricks up their sleeve.¬†


The first thing is that they have added an iPhone player to Windows Mobile, and Symbian S60 mobile players. Their HAVA Player for iPhone will let people view and control their home TV, satellite box, DVR, etc.

They also have iTunes integration. Using a separate application called Monsoon export to iTunes users will also be able to export content from their DVR to iTunes. For watching offline.

The last thing is SociableTV. HAVA owners will now be able to share what they are watching with their friends on SociableTV.com.

These applications should be available this year for free. Export to iTunes should drop sometime this quarter and HAVA player for iPhone and SociableTV should follow second quarter.